Notes from the Other Side


“If the doors of perception were cleansed,
everything would appear to man as it is –

 ~William Blake

In reviewing hundreds of near death reports, there are of course many variations of experience, suggesting that the subjective element of one’s belief structure contributes appreciably to the quality and tone of the super-conscious event. Apparently, the beliefs and mind states we invest in while alive serve to define our death experience to a large extent (at least in its initial unfolding). As one adept succinctly noted: while alive, we make mind; after death, mind makes us.

Regardless of the variations, however, there do seem to be certain recurring thematic elements that stand out as significant and consistent across the spectrum. In this brief consideration, I will present some of the more salient life insights gleaned from the testimonies of experiencers from around the world.

To peruse a substantial collection of these reports, I refer the reader to the Near Death Experience Research Foundation website:

into the light

The purpose of human life is primarily for experience and expansion, and the essential experience is Love. Love is all that matters, and ultimately, we come to recognize that Love is all there is. Once freed from the temporal shell, Love is most frequently experienced as unbounded, joyous Light – Living Light beyond the ability of human words to describe, or human intelligence to comprehend. This Living Light is Love without judgment or condition, our true Source and essential nature. Our “home”.

Linear time and distance are illusions, as are our dreamy flesh bodies and the complex phenomena that we call “the world”. This human experience is recognized as being of the same nature as a virtual reality game. Here in the physical dimension, our carbon-based senses are designed to perceive and interact with this carbon-based reality –a spectacular illusion indeed, but one that is very real to us as long as we are identified with the human bio-vehicle. Nevertheless, reality itself is not bound by concepts such as past and future, near or far, but is simultaneous, multi-dimensional, and omnipresent.

time eternal

All life events are adventures in probabilities. Nothing is “set in stone”. It is only our rigid and uninspected beliefs that keep us stuck within ourselves, fixated on the fractal and unaware of the whole. We tend to over-identify with our external self-images and under-identify with what’s “inside” – the heart. Any sense of unhappiness that we experience is the result of our own resistance to Life and Love. Even that resistance is a play of Love, not unlike a game of “Hide & Seek”. In any event, there is no real “winning” or “losing”. It’s a game of make-believe.

Contrary to many religious assumptions and practices dedicated to escaping from the incarnated condition, in reality the soul wants to experience the physical state. Life is what the soul clamors for, and consequently experiencing the physical dimension is something to be honored and thankful for. The material plane is where we come to “walk the walk”, and test ourselves on what we have learned between lives, but mostly just to have the experience of being human itself, however that might play out. There is only life as it is, to be enjoyed as it is, with “no strings attached”. Whatever concepts we may be inclined to superimpose on it can never stick. With the benefit of direct recognition, we know deep down that everything is as it should be – all is well.

As indicated, many choose to come to arenas like Earth to simply enjoy the unique experience that this psycho-physical realm affords. Perhaps others in the spirit realm recommended the tour. Others might come to fulfill a plan of some sort, or to learn directly about a particular interest. Some return to accomplish unfulfilled desires, while others may incarnate just to help a soulmate realize a particular lesson.

As powerful and immortal spiritual beings, we have infinite choices for experience in the vast playground of the multiverse. Some of us may enter into human bodies and fuse with them for the lifespan of the bio-vehicle in order to experience human life and all its challenges, as a way to test ourselves and gather experiences that help contribute to our soul evolution, as well as the evolution of our spiritual family, or soul group.


The more experienced among us might choose the most difficult lives (knowing that they are not actually “real”) because we seek increasingly more demanding challenges, to probe into what we are really made of, so to speak. As it so happens, we all participated in the design of our present lives while we were in-between incarnational adventures. We are fascinated to discover how we will react to all the various experiences that come with being human, in the same way that those who play video games enter into difficult situations in order to test their ability to take on various challenges and increase their gaming skills.

What is important to understand, but is not clear at all, even to experiencers, is that the human persona does not have the capacity to understand the choices that the soul makes, and so we may claim that we would never come back here (based on our human persona’s understanding), but once we are able to resume and stabilize in our natural state in the spirit world, we may have a totally different understanding, and choices that don’t make sense to the human persona may make perfect sense to the fearless soul.

Another way to regard this adventure might be in terms of costume changes. We like to try on different costumes, different self-images, to see how they fit. Eventually, we find that none of them are permanent, so we resume our natural nakedness. It’s all fun, like playing dress-up. None of the costumes were “wrong”, it’s just that we tend to identify with them and forget that we are not the costume, no matter how appealing or interesting or glamorous or even raggedy it might appear. We came here to try on the human costume, which includes a lot of wardrobe changes in the process.

One experiencer described the mechanics this way: “As I was shown around, it was explained to me how most of our celestial, eternal knowledge is blanked-out during our chosen life spans on earth. We must temporarily forget most of what our higher-self already knows so we can immerse ourselves in the roles we have chosen to play. Furthermore, they said that it might take a while for all my knowledge and memories to return. To ease the transition back into this realm, I was told to think of my time on earth as an extended visit to the ultimate theme park. Consider it a place with thrilling rides and various adventures that I could choose to experience or not. I was also reminded that the reason we leave the celestial realm at all was for the excitement, variety, adventure, and entertainment that different incarnations offer. However, to take all our celestial knowledge with us on our various adventures would have ruined the very experience that we had chosen to live. Someone there said that I should think of our trips to other realms as choosing a new novel to read. I can choose a new book, depending on what I am in the mood for. Furthermore, if I knew every turn and twist of the story, line by line, prior to reading it, it would spoil the fun.”

One of the big draws of human life is the opportunity to experience physical love. Bringing the “spiritual light” down into the denser vibrational frequencies of the material plane is an engaging challenge for many souls, and it most often revolves around variations on the love theme. Indeed, as varied as any of our incarnational motives may seem, behind them all is the call of Love and self-awareness.


Moreover, there is no such thing as a “wrong” life, since all are perfect just as they are – unique expressions of the infinite Source. There is no such thing as failure. Such a concept is purely a human convention, and does not apply in reality. The wonderful writer Kurt Vonnegut put it succinctly when he said, “We are here on Earth to fart around. Don’t let anybody tell you any different.”

We can experience dis-incarnate life on many different planes, but our life here on Earth is one consisting of physical experiences, which require a 3-D body as a vessel. This life here is just a drop of water in the ocean of lives which we all experience — some taking place here on the material level, and many in other realms of existence too numerous to catalogue. Regardless of whether our circumstances may sometime seem to indicate otherwise, our main purpose in being here is to progress and blossom in Love. Love is the real challenge, and Love is the true reward.

flower open

There is no separation in the universe other than in temporal appearances. Nor is there some external god outside ourselves, but rather, everything is a holographic fractal of Source-Energy, as is life itself, which is simultaneously everything and nothing. The holographic appearances of reality are created by Source, and composed of the mind projections of all of us who ever were. All temporal phenomena within this dimension emanate from the blueprint of a shared dream of Source that is repeated indefinitely until we understand what is essential or real — Love. To the degree that we live by true Love — unconditional and universal — the closer we are to real wisdom, happiness, and peace.

Our creative mind plays a game of self-deception in the creation of events. “I” includes “We,” and as in a mirror, we perceive the reflection of our reality in its many facets and illusions. As the contemporary sage Namkai Norbu notes: “Because all of samsara and nirvana, everything that we consider positive or negative, everything that we differentiate, defining it as good or bad, and so forth, can be compared to a reflection in a mirror. The State of Consciousness, on the other hand, is like the condition of the mirror that remains clear and pure without changing.”

The essence of life is its total no-thingness (elsewhere called “Emptiness”). In other words, it has no intrinsic or independent substance or origin, but is rather constructed of a multitude of phenomena, which in turn are formed by other untold multitude of phenomena, to the point of infinity. This intangible, indescribable life is all that exists, although its true depth and breadth is barely suspected by us while on the human plane.

Consciously living in and as Love is the aim of life itself. In this play of Love’s radiance, emptiness recreates or expresses itself in temporary, illusory events. The known universe itself is but a mere fraction of infinite reality which becomes our ever-changing stage in the luminous dance of Love. We are the “point of emptiness” where the void or no-thingness of the universe becomes aware of itself as nothing but Love. Phenomena do not emerge from emptiness and then later dissolve back into it. Rather, all appearances, just as they are, are themselves emptiness.

In terms of the spirit world, one commentator described it in similar terms when he noted: “The spirit world is actually empty, void, until you place some-thing inside it, such as consciousness that crosses over from the physical world. What happens? That consciousness is added to emptiness and that emptiness becomes something. The consciousness manifests itself onto emptiness, and so it becomes filled with consciousness. Thoughts are living things. The spirit world is full of thought. So, in a sense, when you enter this paradise called heaven, you will experience only that which you are capable of comprehending within that consciousness you have. This is why you will only gain access to realms that your vibration allows you to, simply because you would not be able to comprehend or process it otherwise. There is no judgment in the spirit world apart from that which you ‘bring in’ to the spirit world. Meaning your own. So, it is actually you which places judgment on yourself and your deeds, not some God figure.”

From the perspective of spirit, which can operate on multiple levels of awareness, we can recognize that consciousness itself is far richer than the human intellect can fathom. As Natalie Sudman, an insightful and articulate voice among current near death experiencers notes: “Although we arbitrarily assign consciousness to only a few things in our current definition of what is real in this physical universe, it becomes clear in the expanded consciousness perspective that all form has consciousness. And all of consciousness cooperates to co-create and maintain what we think of as our physical world reality.”

Everything is recorded in a universal memory, even the most insignificant things, and can be accessed with the right intention and attention, especially once we have transitioned to our life between lives. Many near death experiencers have reported that they are able to review hundreds and even thousands of previous lives, lived both on earth as well as throughout the universe in myriad shapes and forms. Moreover, since time does not exist in the linear fashion we conceptualize, all these lives are inhabited simultaneously, when viewed from expanded awareness.

extendedmindAs unique expressions of Source, we each assume the form of these physical bodies voluntarily, for as many reasons as there are people. Primarily, we design (co-create) the life we are to experience in order that we may learn how to love more profoundly and consistently, beyond all fear — particularly in the midst of the tests which we fabricate to plumb our own depths and discover what we truly are made of. For spirit, physical incarnation is typically both a creative and enjoyable endeavor, even the kind of lives which might seem painful or even disastrous from the human perspective.

We choose life to start with, and we can choose reincarnation into this world or another world, this universe or dimension or another, and this form or a different one. We can also choose to remain in the whole Oneness, and it is all flexible, not permanent, just as this life on earth isn’t permanent, either. We need not fear death, recognizing that it is not an end but a beautiful togetherness, flexible, unending — another exciting journey.

The only real redemption we have on earth is love. Love is what makes us: we ARE love, it’s our very essence, not something we do. It is only fear and resistance that seem to take us to a lower realm of experience after death, whereas, surrender grants access to the realm of enlightened gnosis which is called by some “the clear light” — the ultimate refinement and source of creation, pure being-ness and beyond.

That Light receives every human being to her womb. The Light (God) understands our limitations and does not condemn us for not being able to overcome our traumatic experiences or our shortcomings that spawn unskillful and counter-productive behaviors. If any hell exists, it is empty.

For many, the Divine initially appears as a sphere of light, but light that is aware. This Light is awareness itself — an aware light that is both the substance and the medium of communion within its own spherical spaciousness, an aware light that creates and sustains the possibility of shared awareness on a universal basis.

This infinite space of aware light is occupied by all the individual spheres of aware light that ever have or ever will exist. I is also described as the One Mind, occupied by all the individual Ideas it ever has or ever will conceive, or a timeless, limitless Oversoul, occupied by all the individual souls that ever have or ever will enter the realm of time, space, and personality.

In any case, there is no limit where we end and someone or something else begins. We are one, inseparable, independent but not separate — we are all made of that same light, or “universal sphere of communion”. We are God, playing for brief moments in these human forms, as part of an infinite expansion in all directions. Love transcends time, it stops it and becomes everything in an instant and forever. Just as one cannot hold on to the flow of time, neither can one hold on to the uncreated love that comes to us at every moment. That which is Life lives within us, as us. It is always waiting patiently there.

Among the “lessons” many experiencers claim to have learned in their near death sojourn is the recognition of the futility of taking things seriously, of fixating on the superfluous, and especially of carrying grudges. We must forgive everybody everything, again and again, because we truly are each other – there is only one, wearing a billion masks, beyond all notions of duality or even non-duality. Any harm we have done to others is keenly felt by us, because we are not separate. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is more than just a pious slogan, but represents the literal truth of our oneness.


One experiencer describes our prior unity within the Light in this way: “Each of us, as an individual sphere of communion seems the embodiment of two complementary halves: Understanding and Memory. While Understanding seems the principal characteristic of the higher soul, Memory seems to be the principal characteristic of the lower soul. As I experienced it, Understanding is our individual portion of the limitless Knowledge of the One Soul, the evolving insight we possess into the Way of the One, our individual spark of immortality. Memory, on the other hand, is the accumulated impressions of all the lifetimes we recall, the sum of all the personalities we have yoked to our soul, our enduring storehouse of mortal treasures.

I was fully awake when I realized that whenever another sphere of aware light came into contact with me, there was an immediate and spontaneous exchange between us of our respective Memory and Understanding. This is why I say we are individual spheres of communion within the Universal Sphere of Communion. Because when we come into contact there, all that we know and all that we are passes uninhibited between us in a natural and open communion of shared being. Spheres of aware light touch and so exchange the totality of their experience and assimilate one another’s experience into their own.

I was fully awake when all the individual spheres of communion came into contact with one another at the same time, breaking through every dam of individuality and flooding us all in the totality of our shared being. This is why I suspect its name is the Sphere of Universal Communion – because when all the individual spheres of aware light periodically come into contact at the same time, every individual awareness that ever has or ever will exist is spontaneously and immediately At-One with the One. I cannot say what it is that periodically draws all of us together at the same time but, cause aside, its effect is the complete and overwhelming experience of every drop of awareness in the ocean suddenly merging into the single sea of awareness.”

Synchronistically, a very similar scenario was described by the 20th Century Sage, Sri Aurobindo, when he wrote: “And what is the end of the whole matter? As if honey could taste itself and all its drops together and all its drops could taste each other and each the whole honeycomb as itself, so should the end be with God and the soul of man and the universe.”

Most humans, however, do not have the benefit of a transcendental near death or spiritually transformative experience to refer to, but must find their way in the dark, usually with only borrowed knowledge and beliefs to fall back on, like man-made religions for example — most of which only obscure the truth and create division. This is a very challenging realm in that respect, a realm of uncertainty and apparent suffering on many levels. Just about everyone lives a life suffused with fear — often fear of each other, fear of lack, and definitely fear of one’s own mortality. Moreover, only a rare few will even get a glimpse of something approaching the truth while embodied here, but only by passing through the portal of death and returning to the spirit world will most even gain a clue about any of this.

Realizing that, compassion can awaken in our hearts, compassion for the suffering of our fellow beings. Even though we may recognize that this world is really like a movie, a dream, an illusion, nevertheless, the suffering is felt to be real, and so we are called by love itself to do whatever we can to help relieve that suffering (even if it is only to be quiet). Once we know that we are not separate from each other, then we can cease indulging in pointless conflict over issues that are relatively meaningless within the bigger picture, and instead learn to act with intelligence and mercy.

While embodied in the material realm, relinquishing greed, envy, ignorance, pride, and hatred creates a life-experience of real integrity, which in turn opens us to the increasingly expansive revelations of the multiverse. The potential of our spirit is indeed infinite, but as long as we remain fixated on the alternating cycle of craving and aversion, our attention will remain bound in the lower densities of possibility.

When we wake from a dream at night we cease to exist in that dream world. Essentially, we die from that world and wake up in this one. So too with this life — at death we awaken to another existence. As the great poet Rumi wrote:

“On the day I die, don’t say he’s gone. Death has nothing to do with going away. The sun sets, and the moon sets but they’re not gone. Death is a coming together. The human seed goes down into the ground like a bucket, and comes up with some unimagined beauty. Your mouth closes here, and immediately opens with a shout of joy there.”

Truly, there is no true death, only a continuous stream of life with many branches and realities. Some people come back to this place (or one like it). Others will remain in the spiritual sector and continue their work from there. Some humans will become other types of beings working in this solar system or one of the billions of other star systems in the galaxy.

Going Beyond

The biggest mistake most make after any spiritually transformative experience, such as an NDE, is trying to figure it all out by using their limited human intellect and logic, expecting it to match someone else’s experience, or attempting to superimpose a preconceived framework onto it (such as one of the human religious beliefs). Those are much happier who renounce all such efforts and just live day to day, enjoy the little things, extend kindness to all, and refrain from taking things too seriously.

At the culmination of our 3-D adventure, nobody judges us but ourselves. Our own loving, super-lucid consciousness reviews our life experiences in the Light of Love. We exist in the total embrace of Love. Nothing is withheld. What’s most important to remember, in the midst of, and even beyond any provisional experience, is that Love is all that matters – all that we take with us, and all that we leave behind.

“In the end
these things matter most:
How well did you love?
How fully did you live?
How deeply did you let go?”

~Jack Kornfield


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75 Responses to Notes from the Other Side

  1. Bob OHearn says:

    Remember the clear light,
    The pure clear white light
    From which everything in the universe comes,
    To which everything in the universe returns;
    The original nature of your own mind.
    The natural state of the universe unmanifest.
    Let go into the clear light, trust it, merge with it.
    It is your own true nature, it is home.

    ~ The Tibetan Book Of The Great Liberation

  2. Bob OHearn says:

    St. Teresa of Avila wrote extensively about what we today consider NDE and its resulting transformations as well as her personal experiences with ecstasy, also known as astral travel or OBE. Like so many young women faced with the decision of marriage or religious life, Teresa chose to join the Carmelite Convent of the Incarnation when she was twenty. Teresa had a love of romantic fiction and enjoyed primping—two past-times natural for a young woman but not found in a nun. She blossomed in the lax environment of the convent but succumbed to illness after several months. Her family moved her home because of her health problems. As she stated in her autobiography:

    “That night I suffered a paroxysm in which I remained for four days, or a little less, without any feeling. At this time they gave me the sacrament of the anointing of the sick, and from hour to hour or moment to moment they thought I was going to die; they did nothing but recite the Creed for me, as if I were able to understand them. At times they were so certain I was dead that afterward I even found the wax on my eyes.”

    Wax on the eyes was a Catalan custom indicating that her family had prepared the body for burial. Her experience was quite like that of one who had a NDE rather than a minor illness. This is mirrored in St. Teresa’s comments when she wrote:

    “Afterward, I wanted to remain in this state always and not return to everyday living, for the contempt that was left in me for everything earthly was great; these things all seemed to me like dung, and I see how basely we are occupied, those of us who are detained by earthly things.
    Likewise, little fear of death, which I feared greatly, remained. Now death seems to me to be the easiest thing for anyone who serves God, for in a moment the soul finds it is freed from this prison and brought to rest. I think these raptures in which God carries away the spirit and reveals to it such excellent things are like the departure of the soul from the body, for in an instant, these good things are all seen together.”

  3. Bob OHearn says:

    “Recently, I was asked to contribute a short piece on my take on the meaning of life. I wanted to share it here, with all of you as well. So, are you ready for the super serious answer to this all important question? Here we go:

    The meaning of life? In other words, “Why are we here”? To eat chocolate, of course! Why else?

    I know you think I’m kidding, but I’m actually not. Well…..ok, we’re also here to watch glorious sunsets, to make love with our beloved, to laugh heartily, to love fearlessly, to live life fully and with abandon, and to do all the things that bring us joy.

    So if it’s really that simple, then why are so many of us living joyless lives? I believe it’s because we make it more complicated than it needs to be. Most of us, myself included, have at one time or another, bought into beliefs that tell us we need to do more, be more, work harder, be better. We buy into the fear that we’re not good enough the way we are and we need to do whatever it takes to get ahead of everyone else because there isn’t enough to go around. So we get on this treadmill, constantly trying to get ahead of the person in front of us. Except the person in front of us is doing exactly the same thing, trying to get ahead of the person in front of them!

    Ironically, many of us are like that even in our spiritual practices, believing that spirituality needs to be pursued, and we need to work at it harder, meditate longer, or read more, to be more spiritual than the next person! Like there isn’t enough spirituality to go around! LOL! 😊

    That kind of spiritual belief is driven by fear, not love. Fear of not being spiritual enough, as opposed to a knowing that we already are spiritual beings, whether we realize it or not, and that we already are everything we are trying to attain.

    It wasn’t until I died that I understood this. I was suffering from what should have been the final stages of lymphatic cancer, when my organs shut down and I went into a coma. I was at death’s door, and the doctors told my family that I wasn’t coming back. However, while in the coma, I experienced what I would call an “awakening” – also called a “near death experience”. During this state, I realized that I had my priorities wrong and had spent a lifetime trying to be something that I’m not.

    Death made me reevaluate what is actually important in life. When we don’t realize this—that death is the ultimate leveler—our priorities are very different. But once we have a glimpse of it and actually experience it and bring that feeling back with us, we realize: Wow! All these things that I thought mattered actually have no significance on the other side! It rearranges all our priorities in life—how we live, how we deal with our emotions, everything.

    Having already faced death, I now know that spending a lifetime of always playing it safe, for example, by choosing the safest career, by pleasing people, worrying about what everyone else thinks of me, meeting everyone else’s expectations except my own, being what everyone else wanted me to be, etc. felt like a totally wasted life. I feel so blessed to have been given a second chance, because most people don’t get to come back when they learn that lesson. This time, I plan to pursue my dreams, love more, laugh more, not take life so seriously, and live fearlessly.

    Our life is our prayer. It’s our gift to the universe. We owe to ourselves and everyone around us to be happy and spread that joy around.

    Chocolates, anyone?”

    ~Anita Moorjani

  4. Bob OHearn says:

    Excerpts from Hafur’s NDE

    I saw that I, myself, had designed the life I would lead before voluntarily coming into this world and that my freedom within a physical body was to be found only by consciously cultivating happiness in all my thoughts, feelings and actions because I had designed or chosen my own destiny before taking on a physical body. I realized that there was no judging or punishing God like religions say there is and it was my mind with an expanded consciousness that judged itself and sifted its actions through the filter of perfect, conscious love.


    ***We live in a “Plural Unity” or “Oneness.” In other words, our reality is “Unity in Plurality and Plurality in Unity.” –

    ***That I was everything and everything was me, without essential differences other than in temporal appearances.

    ***That there is no external god, but that god is in everything and everything in god just as life itself.

    ***That there is no god outside ourselves but is, rather, in everything and everything is a part of god, as is life itself.

    ***That god is everything and nothing at the same time.

    ***That everyone and everything or temporal phenomenon within this dimension is where it should be because it emanates from the blueprint of a shared dream (if we can call it that) that is repeated indefinitely until we understand what is essential or real.

    ***That everything is part of an essential game of life itself, and that to the degree that we live by true love–unconditional and universal–the closer we are to an understanding of what life truly is, which is true happiness and perfect wisdom.

    ***That everything is experience and that this life and the next are essentially the same because everything is god. Nothing is outside of god just as nothing is outside of life itself.

    ***Death is a metamorphosis of time. One more illusion from our mental concepts. Essentially, time does not exist, nor does space. They are illusions of our creative mind that plays a game of self-deception in the creation of events.

    ***That “I,” includes “We,” and are like a mirror where we perceive the reflection of our reality in its many facets and illusions.

    ***That the “creator” is eternally creating and one of the creations is the practice of conscious love. “One learns to paint by painting.” That’s why this “temporal human illusory creation” exists as though it were a matrix within another matrix and this, within another…multi-dimensionally until we wake up.

    ***I experienced something that can’t be transmitted with words but that can be expressed as “The Essence of Life is its Total Nothingness. (Please understand “Nothingness” as something that has no intrinsic substance, but is rather constructed by a multitude of phenomena, which in turn are formed by other untold multitude of phenomena to the point of infinity). I understood that intangible, indescribable life is all that exists. There is no death (it’s only a description to show the polarities in the world of phenomena)

    ***Consciously living by love is the essence of life itself and is made manifest or materializes in this plane of existence as a cohesive force to recreate itself in multiple forms as a game in which nothingness recreates itself in temporary, illusory events.

    ***The known universe is a fraction of infinite reality that by love has become finite pieces in our temporal “hands.”

    ***I learned thousands of other things without end and it is difficult to express in words because words are insufficient, they can’t describe what I experienced in this other state of consciousness that was much clearer than this one.

    When I returned to this life, I felt I had fallen into a very heavy space and that my body was as lead and my mind was the same and very slow… I saw my loved ones, family and friends as if they were nothing to me; they were only reflections in the great theater of life and each one voluntarily agreed to play a part in order to learn more and better how to love. I spoke with them to tell them of my experience and they looked at me as though I were crazy. I realized they didn’t understand what I was saying to them.

    Little by little my experience grew faint, but there appeared many new special experiences of telepathy, intuition developed between others such as: voluntary out of body experiences and involuntary bi-location. I especially cannot control the latter and I would like to know using conventional language how this phenomenon happens.

    I only know that everything is eternal, pure consciousness and that we are in a mental dream that is permanently being constructed as a dynamic of consciousness that knows itself and recreates itself through each one of us.

    That we are the “point of emptiness” where the void or nothingness of the universe becomes aware of itself. It is really hard to explain this. But I know that everything I saw originates from thoughts, or the universal mind, that is projected in images and events that interact with lucid consciousness as an experience, and that this whole experience is a part the infinitude of that which is real on every plain or level of existence that we want to invent or divide into pieces so that our temporal mind can decipher it despite its limitations. I believe I understood that what we call god is the silence of indescribable life that is in everything, and everything is in it.

    As an analogy we could use the image of steam that is converted into water and water into ice and once it is in that state, ice forgets that it is steam with its capacity for expansion. This is what happens to us in this plane of consciousness.

    I believe I understood that what we call god is the silence of indescribable life that is in everything and in which everything exists or is within it. A marvelous, loving and conscious eternity.

    Note: I feel that all the images that were created in my mind during this experience, before entering into the light, are symbolic thought forms of something perhaps more profound that could serve in support of a translation of that which is essential experience. It is impossible to explain with our limited human language, yet I am now trying to decipher it little by little.

    I noticed a change in the speed my mind worked and developed my intuition or universal perception of life. It is difficult to translate with my physical brain, that which is essential or infinite with conventional language.

    Perhaps through the art of telepathic communication soul to soul, it can be done. I will continue trying to do this and will try see if someone who has experienced this same phenomenon or who has had a similar experience, has another part of the verbal puzzle and among all of us we can put together a clearer picture that can benefit those who do not read.

    I ask your indulgence for my limitations and I hope that I haven’t confused anyone. I will conclude by saying:

    “From but one piece of clay, many forms can be made.”

    “All mental designs crystallize in fleeting forms of nothingness.”

  5. Bob OHearn says:

    “Do not fear the unknown. When your time comes and you invest your soul onward into the heavenly realms, you will be overcome with a love you cannot comprehend. It will come from above and from below. It will seem to come from every direction and from within, but never shall you be without. It will be as if a wave of sublime love and peace washes over you, penetrates and permeates through you.

    The barriers of time and space will dissolve. Your human memory will seem but a drop of water next to the ocean of all that has come before you, and all that you are to become. Ancient friends and spiritual family you never knew you had will greet and gather to hear your stories. They will applaud your successes and achievements, and show unreserved understanding of every failure and fall.

    Your pains and sorrows will be nurtured and understood. The grand angels of light will descend down upon you and engulf you with healing and revitalizing rays of clarity and comfort. You will return to your humble abode, your cottage. Your spiritual home away from home. Your palace in heaven.

    You will walk the halls of wisdom and the libraries of knowledge. You will walk the gardens of the gods and the temples of the masters. You will walk the corridors of history and the stairways of the stars. You will see the tapestry of eternal life and the choir of a thousand angels. You will see your own image as you so choose, and choose that which comes next.

    There is nothing to fear upon death, only a life lived in regret.”

  6. Bob OHearn says:

    Nanci Danison wrote:

    “The “knowings” I received while living in the afterlife taught me a new model of our relationship with our Creator. I was shown that Source is an all-loving, and not controlling, immense intelligent energy field with emotions, imagination, and life of its own. Source has an innate personality or set of character traits that are immutable and constitute its “core” consciousness. In addition, Source has created within its own mind all of the personalities/characters that we call “souls.” We are those souls within Source’s mind; we are parts of Source. And we have been given complete free will to pick and choose the events of the physical lives of the creatures we inhabit. We either allow the host body to lead its animal life with us just going along for the ride, or, we manifest into physical reality what we truly and deeply believe about human life and ourselves within it.

    So, because we are parts of Source’s mind, and we have the ability to control the actions and lives of the human hosts we inhabit (whether we exercise it or not), Source in a very limited sense does control human lives through us. The difference between this model of life, and the religious model, is who has the power. In the religious model, God is all powerful and we are powerless. The religious model assumes that the core consciousness of Source directs and controls everything in the physical world. In the model I was given in the afterlife, we ARE parts of God and are therefore powerful spiritual forces ourselves. We direct and control our own lives as Source.”

  7. Bob OHearn says:

    “The light was delicious. I soaked it up like a dry sponge soaks up water. I felt like I had been sealed up in a vacuum packed jar for as long as I could remember. Now the jar was opened and the pressure was gone. I could breathe again. I could feel energy flowing into me, loosening and softening parts of my being that I did not even know I had. My whole being thrilled with well-being and joy. A feeling that I had known before, though I could not remember where or when.

    Time itself seemed to be softening. For as long as I could remember, the minutes, days and years of my life seemed to be fixed, like the markings on a steel ruler. Now, the measuring stick of time was becoming soft and flexible. It would stretch and shrink, like a rubber band. I could return to events of my past, examining them with greater clarity and detail than when they had originally happened, lingering there for what seemed like hours. But then, when I would return to where I was, it seemed like no time at all had gone by. Back and forth I went. Deep into episodes of my personal history, and then back into the light.

    Time could also be contracted, I found. Centuries would condense into seconds. Millenniums would shrink into moments. The entire civilization that I was part of passed by in the blink of an eye.

    “‘Look at that,’ I marveled. ‘The whole civilization is no more permanent and no more important that a patch of wild flowers! It’s so simple from here, and so beautiful. Whether it is a patch of wild flowers or a mighty civilization, the process is the same. It is only life, trying out different shapes and then returning from where it came.‘

    I was being pulled into the light. Or was it that the world and the life that I knew was receding, the life that I had come to assume was the only life there is. All of my certainties and all of my doubts, all of my pride and all of my guilt, all of my pleasures and all of my fears, were all fading away. All that remained was the light and the awesome feeling of well-being that the light contained. It felt like I was waking up, like I had been in a deep sleep, dreaming an intense and detailed dream when somebody came into the room and turned on the lights. Now I was waking up and the dream was fading away.”

  8. Bob OHearn says:

    Redefining God

    Dr. Jeffrey Long is an oncologist, near-death experience research and founder of the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation. His recently published book “God and the Afterlife: Groundbreaking New Evidence of Near-Death Experience” describes the results from ‘The God Study’ which analyzed the near-death experiences of people from all types of backgrounds and initial beliefs who have claimed to actually meet God.

    Some of the research questions that are addressed in ‘God and the Afterlife’ are as follows:

    The similarity of a NDEr’s perception of God to their religious beliefs
    The overall prevalence of God in near-death experiences
    Changes in how a NDEr viewed the definition of God after their experience
    The character of God that is experienced during an NDE.

  9. Bob OHearn says:

    Why We Are Here
    NDEr Julie Aubier

    “When I was 19, I [was] violently attacked and I had a near-death experience. I completely left my body. First, I saw myself… [from] the corner of the room… I was looking [down] at myself… At that moment, I saw my aggressor, I saw what was happening, but I already had no conflict, no judgement about what was happening. I [could] see the perfection of the situation even though it was a horrible situation.

    “Then, suddenly, I became the whole frickin universe. I didn’t go through a white light. I didn’t have beings coming and waiting for me on the other side. I didn’t have a voice telling me whatever things I needed to hear. I became the whole universe. I became superconsciousness. I became part of everything and I became everything. I had total clarity and understanding of everything. I could travel and go anywhere I wanted to go. I was extremely free and fearless and eternal. I didn’t have a body, but it felt as if I had a body. There was no one with me, but I didn’t feel alone. And I felt like I [had done] this shit so many times.

    “I was kind of happy to be back there, BUT the thing that was very interesting; the thing that helped me remember why I came on this planet and who I am — I understood very clearly that coming on the planet was me experiencing a lot of things that I was NOT in order to remember who I was. To understand cold, I had to go through heat, or to understand warmth, I had to go through cold. I understood very clearly as well that being human entitles me to do things that when I am dead, out of my body, I cannot do. Things like drinking a glass of water and this is actually my favorite drink since I came back. I love to drink water. It’s always the most mystical experience I’ve ever had in my life. The pleasure that I have when I’m drinking a glass of water, with my eyes closed, is just out of this world. So drinking a glass of water. Eating my favorite food. Feeling the wind on my skin or the rain on my skin. Swimming naked in the river or in the ocean. Hearing birds singing. Having a beautiful kiss. Making love. Even though there all these different ways of experiencing ecstasy [while you are] out of your body, the ones that you experience in your flesh are unbelievable. It has to be experienced without attachment, but with pure, total grace, becoming one with the moment, becoming one with the kiss, one with the water, one with the wind, one with the sun, one with birds, one with the people that come in front of you.

    “I understood as well that I was one with everything; I was the water and I was the mouth that was drinking the water. That every up and down that I experience would teach me something to expand, unless I chose, through free will, to resist what I was going through.

    “So to me this lifetime is about taking care and cherishing and giving thanks for every little opportunity that I have to experience life in 3D. I know I am eternal; I’m not afraid of death. That’s why I am fearless as well. That’s why I think and I say what I think. That’s why I don’t kiss no ass. That’s why I don’t obey laws and rules that put us in a box and force us to all be the same. I’ve never been like that. That’s why I am one with every mother that cries, every child that is afraid, and every man that gives his life to save another. I am part of all of those people, whatever nation, and country, and status they are. I see the emptiness in most of the people, I see their fear because they don’t remember. But if you could only know what I know, you would never take for granted any moment in your life, even the difficult times.

    “Life is really a school. It’s a school to help you remember. A lot of us came as benevolent souls to answer a call. Not necessarily to raise the vibration, but mostly to help others remember who they are; to become the foundation of what is yet to come. Because you see, evolution is going to happen with or without us. Humankind is going to get more enlightened and conscious with or without us. We are here because we are the foundation as multi-dimensional beings who live in time-line reality. We can change everything by our presence and desires by what we focus on, what we choose to feed, what we choose to give life to. This is a century where we are going to see women taking their place and being a lot more respected and taken care of.

    “One thing for sure that I can tell you is that I was an atheist before I had my near-death experience. I still don’t follow any religion, but my intuitive skills, my clairvoyance, my ability to see through the bullshit and the lies and the illusion is unbelievable. And it has been like this since I came back. Afterwards, I had a few other mystical experiences that confirmed [my abilities]… It was hard for me originally to understand what happened to me. And I’m a rebel. Even if God came to me and told me, “You are here to save the world,” I’m going to say, “Yeah, fuck that; I’m going to go the other way.”

    “Or if He says, “Watch your words and watch your thoughts because everything you say manifests. You are a goddess; you are here to co-create with every word that you use.” I would still go and do the exact opposite. But because I have experienced the opposite that I know the power of my attention. I know that each and every time that I focused my attention on something I didn’t want, I created it. I created a lot of shit! And I am accountable for that. I want you to remember that.

    “You are here to live this present moment through the eye of a child; through innocence and purity. Every judgement that you have, every time you close your heart, you hurt a little bit of your soul, but you’re going to be alright. Even at the end of it, no one is going to judge you but yourself. You will be accountable for everything you’ve done here. But not accountable like you are going to be punished. It is not going to happen like that. You are going to be accountable [because] you will understand and see what did and what you should have done. And you, from the love of who you are; the immense love that you are, you will want to do something about it and you will not allow it to not be corrected and fixed by yourself…

    “So love your life. Love every part of it. Understand that you are Divine. You are the whole universe. You are connected to all that is. You are necessary here. The quicker you find peace within and love yourself, the quicker you are going to make this world a beautiful place. And it’s going to happen whether you want it or not.”

  10. Bob OHearn says:

    We Need To Be Here To Really Know Who We Are

    “When we are formless, we cannot know physical love, pleasure, and so on. We are in a state of unconditional love, so we cannot know what it’s like to miss someone, and we cannot even know our selves. We need to be here, in this physical self, to really know who we are. We chose to come here to know who we are.”

    “I realized from death that actually my purpose here is to immerse myself in life fully. Not to spend it thinking about creating the perfect afterlife. I’m here for a reason. I’m here to be who I am. I’m a facet of this universe. I’m an aspect. I am the way I am for a reason. My purpose is to be as me as I can be.”

    — NDEr Anita Moorjani

    Our Purpose Here Is To Be Separated From The Light
    NDEr Rachel E

    “Our purpose here is to be separated from the oneness. We are here to feel pain. To feel the loneliness. To truly understand how difficult it is to be separated from G*d. In our struggles to love, live, and cherish we get to do something new that can’t be done when there is only peace, light, and love. Here we have the light and dark. Both…”

    What We Are Into Now Is God’s Exploration Of God Through Us
    NDEr Mellen-Thomas Benedict

    “God gave everything to us, everything is here — this is where it’s at. And what we are into now is God’s exploration of God through us. People are so busy trying to become God that they ought to realize that we are already God and God is becoming us. That’s what it is really about. When I realized this, I was finished with The Void, and wanted to return to this creation…”

    “The other side is not all it is cracked up to be. There’s a lot you can’t do on the other side. There’s a perfect combination though. A body without spirit is a wasteland and a spirit without a body is a wasteland. And we are the perfect matrix of body and spirit. With body and spirit, you can have it all.”

    So You Can Have Experiences Your Spirit Alone Cannot
    NDEr Cami Renfrow

    “Your higher self incarnated because as a sensate, embodied being you can have experiences your spirit alone cannot. Don’t be afraid of desire. Don’t be afraid of passion, of adventure, of a little sin, of failure, of living in your own unique way. Don’t be afraid of anything. Life truly is a big play — have fun with it, don’t take it so seriously. Life in all its glory goes on, no matter how messy it looks from here and now.”

    To Learn How To Control Our Minds
    NDEr Malla

    “The sole purpose of my being here on Earth is to learn how to maneuver and control MY OWN powerful mind. I am educating myself in how my mind constantly creates my own reality and co-creates our reality, no matter where I reside. And I EXPERIENCE it!”

    Love Each Other Unconditionally, Without Judgement; Develop Compassion
    NDEr Sherry Goodman

    “Information I was able to retain after re-entering my body:

    “1. Earth is a school for our souls to grow, and how we respond to the suffering of others is an indicator of our level of soul growth.

    “2. Loving each other unconditionally, without judgment, and developing our compassion is what we are put on Earth to do. And until we get to the point that we can do these things, we will reincarnate (in other words, we will be born again).

    “3. We reap what we sow. No one escapes that. It’s one way our souls grow. We will all feel the pain we’ve caused others and in the same manner. If it doesn’t happen to us directly, we will witness it in our loved ones, but we will go through the experience — if not in this lifetime, a future one.

    “4. The ‘go-between’ said that we are all connected at a soulular level and that just as we have our parents’ DNA on Earth, our souls are made of the same thing that our Creator is made of, but to a lesser degree.

    “5. He said that there are no ‘chosen ones’ and that our Creator loves everyone equally, no matter what race, religion, or region.

    “6. He told me that man created religion and that death and destruction are what it brings. However, he said that spirituality is important. It’s our soul’s attempt to reach out to its Creator, to home. Spirituality is good; religion, however, is our attempt to reach out to God, not God’s attempt to reach us. Our Creator is already, and always, with us.”

  11. Bob OHearn says:

    All Is Good!
    NDEr Amy Call

    “I came to understand that most of us have lived much, MUCH longer than we could even fathom. That our lives that feel so very long are infinitesimal when placed in the Whole picture… which for that matter, cannot even be framed. I was shown how every single individual through their own free will chooses paths that MATHEMATICALLY take them to the circumstances of their next existence or life. That NOTHING at all sits in accident or chaos. That every single aspect of our lives are ruled by NATURAL Laws that we placed ourSELVES in! That in a sense, we create our own worlds. I was shown how one can never assume either, that if someone lives a life of suffering that this is because of ‘evil’ deeds. Many may CHOOSE a life of suffering because of what it Awakens in them.. or to help another, etc.. We can NEVER EVER assume that we can be accurate in guessing why each Being lives the life they live. I cannot describe the relief… the refreshing, peaceful balm this Knowledge was for me. To finally gather this Truth that I’d yearned for all of my life… That all IS Good! That there IS sense and beauty all around. That no one is just ‘free-falling’ as it had seemed before! That God doesn’t just get to toy with us as He pleases with random ideas of tests, including rewards and punishments that just depend upon His current mood or mindset. While in this experience, out in the vast expanse of stars and planets, moons, and Knowledge, I Knew complete Trust for what felt like the first time. This was bliss for me. I had lived in fear and distrust and panic for 30 consecutive years…”

    “One of the feelings I had when I was out of my body in this universal part where I was with my guide was I had this enormous gratitude and love for what all of this was. It was so deep and there was a level of almost like I could feel my own humanness and you do want to bow to It in a way — I didn’t have the feeling that I need to bow — but it’s almost like when something is so amazing you almost just collapse to It because you love It so much. And yes I did have that and yet at the same time what That is — what the Divine, what God is — I felt all of that more than I could ever feel coming back to me and feeling that level of love and gratitude for me and it was for me personally, for exactly who I am, at every level of me, everything I have ever been through beyond even what I know of in this life time. It was so grateful to me and loved me so much. I also felt as if It was bowing to me. So there was this mutual adoration and love.

    “That also helps me because coming back into the world I know not only to lighten up, but I know the level of love; this gratitude for us because in a way it’s like when we become embodied in the physical we’re learning through our senses and through suffering and joy and all these different levels. We’re picking up on so much information — learning how to be balanced and evolving in the mind — and as we do this everything that happens to us comes together and what we call the Divine is able to receive that information and our learning and our growth — that’s part of the whole intelligence of why It’s intelligent, why It knows. We think It’s beyond us; It’s so much more intelligent. And yet I understood that It was saying but this is because of those willing to go down into the bottom. I understood that Their feeling to us is almost like ‘you guys are the super heroes who go into the physical body and you experience the suffering’ and We have nothing but gratitude and love and wish for you and hope for you.”

  12. Bob OHearn says:

    We Came Here To Learn About Ourselves
    NDEr Ryan Rampton

    “I want to talk to you today about why we came to this Earth. These are things I learned in heaven. So number one, why did we come here? What is our purpose? Did we come here to be tested and tried and try to prove how righteous we are to God; keep a list of commandments or things like this? Is that why we came here? No. That is not why we came here.

    “We came here for one thing. And that was to learn about ourselves. That’s it. We came to find out who you are and how you respond to different things.

    “So for example one of the main things we came here [for] was to learn joy. We didn’t know what joy was before. When we were up in heaven, we knew one thing. We knew love. That’s what God was. And we learned different concepts and we learned how to do different things, but we didn’t know joy and we wanted to know joy. God told us: the only way to know joy is to know sorrow. So we had to come down to this physical realm that He made so that we could learn about sorrow so that we can have joy.

    “So we’re not down here to prove anything to God. We’re not down here to earn His love. We’re not down here to do certain things to make ourselves righteous in His eyes. All those things are great, all those things are awesome, but that’s not why we came down here.

    “We came down here to experience opposition. We came down here to feel the opposite.

    “For example, we would never know what a great health felt like if you’d never been sick. You would never know what a wonderful day in Hawaii would be if you didn’t live in a winter environment. You’d go to Hawaii in the middle of the winter and you’re going ‘Yeah, this is awesome!’ And the guy on the beach that’s local is like “What’s the big deal, man? It’s this way every day.”

    “So it’s the opposition that defines us. It’s the space between things that creates form. All of these things need each other. We need opposition to even know who we are.

    “For example, when the Lord showed me my spirit, before I came to this Earth, I saw this amazing, glorious, just breathtakingly beautiful, amazing warrior. The armament, and the clothing, and the raiment that I had on was so amazing and I was just breathtaking to behold. So I come down here and I end up being in this little, sick, weak body that spends the first seven years of its life in an oxygen tent, clinging on to life. I was skinny and scrawny up till even when I got married my wife actually weighed more than I did. She was 118 pounds and I was 115 pounds. So I learned what it was like to be weak. I learned what it was like to have shame. I learned what it was like to have all these things. This opposition made me into who I am today.

    “Even the mistakes I’ve made. Even all the bad things I’ve done in my life. All the sins. All the terrible things. They helped form me into who I am today.”

  13. Bob OHearn says:

    Love & Knowledge
    NDEr Deborah L

    “When you go back, you must remember that there are no mistakes in life. There are no mistakes. Money, material possessions and job titles don’t matter. The only things that matter in life are love and knowledge. There is nothing else. You must remember that.”

    Loving & Learning
    NDE Researcher Dr. Jan Holden

    “One of the prevailing themes that comes out of near-death experiences is that human life has purpose. And the purpose seems to be loving and learning.”

    Heaven Is A Frequency
    NDEr Teri R

    “In his presence I felt like I was ‘home’ in a sense that I have never known before. I saw that my true essence is the energy of love, but as we reviewed my life together, I came to understand how I had removed myself from the benefits and bliss of love through anger. I saw how important it is to project feelings of love because other people can either benefit from or be negatively affected by my energy.

    “I also came to understand that heaven isn’t a place that you enter but a frequency that you attain. Being in the presence of White Light was ‘heaven.’ It was the greatest feeling I had ever experienced or dreamed was possible. Having that feeling again is what I strive for — not going to a place. The feeling, the energy I experienced became ‘the place.’

    “I understood that you take yourself with you wherever you go. Your own consciousness has to change in order to experience the higher frequencies of love, peace, joy, bliss, and tranquility, which I felt a part of.

    “So I begged for the opportunity to do just that. I wanted to return because I knew that my consciousness didn’t mesh with the unconditional love I was experiencing. I knew that I had to become more loving in order to experience this indescribable love permanently.”

  14. Bob OHearn says:

    We Are Each Intrinsically Valuable & Everything We Experience Matters
    NDEr Natalie Sudman

    “In this non-physical state of being, there is a profound sense of belonging. Everything about everyone that exists is not only accepted, but admired, respected, recognized and celebrated. There is a cooperative, co-passion for being that permeates everything I experienced. Everything there is effortless. It is just so easy. It’s blissful. And it’s filled with a joy that is so fundamental it’s only really remarkable from outside of that state of being. So image that everything you have ever thought, imagined, experienced, dreamed, or created was recognized to be valuable to you yourself and to everyone else — to all that exists. Imagine that no matter what you do or how you express yourself, you belong and are valued. This is true. What was known to me, what was so basic as to be assumed was just that: that we are each intrinsically valuable and everything we experience matters, not just to ourselves but to each other and to All That Is.

    “I use the phrase ‘All That Is’ instead of God, Source, Universe, whatever — a lot of those words have personal connotations that limit my ideas. And so when I say ‘All That Is’ it includes all that is. That’s the term that I’ll be using.

    “My experience is that we are always within and expressions of All That Is which is a beautiful Force of infinitely curious and creative energy and awareness. How can we be anything but perfect? We are All That Is just as much as It is us. We are created by It; It creates us. We participate in It; It participates in us. We extend It and It extends us. We are each individual expressions of this single infinite awareness. We are one. And we are each perfect exactly as we are.

    “We’re so used to thinking in terms of hierarchies. The healer is more important that the addict. The teacher is more important than the arms dealer. These hierarchies of values are not real. I don’t care how dull, or weird, or messed up we think our lives are here in the physical world, I can assure you that all of us are having a valuable experience. And I don’t care how special we think we are, we are each uniquely special. Every single one of us. Our experience extends and enhances everything that exists. We are each infinitely creative beings having an amazing experience just by being here.

    “From the perspective out of body, it was understood that it takes some skill to even exist in the physical body, in the physical world. It takes a skill of focus to maintain consciousness within a physical body and then to participate in a collective, cooperative, creative experience of being in this physical world. So we’re all amazing. We’re all jet pilots flying 50 feet off the deck upside down. We are very cool. Just by showing up here, just by showing up.”

  15. Bob OHearn says:

    This Life Here Is Really Exciting From The Other Side
    NDEr Natalie Sudman

    “We can be over there anytime and infinitely, forever; forever and forever, for a long time and it’s so easy and it’s so beautiful, but this life here is really exciting from the other side. And it’s pretty quick. So dig in and enjoy it… A lot of the spiritual messages seem to be deny the body and deny the — these emotions are bad emotions — and these things are not holy and I don’t think that’s true. From my experience, everything is holy. Here is there. We didn’t come here just to experience all the happy things. We also came here to experience the difficult emotions because we learn from those and they enrich us in ways that really we can’t get when we are out of body, when we are in our whole selves. If we could get those out there, we wouldn’t be here. From that perspective it’s very exciting to participate in any kind of emotions, and any kind of situation. It’s an adventure. It’s amazing. It’s beautiful…. It’s a miracle.”

  16. Bob OHearn says:

    For those who are anxious about whether or not there is an afterlife, it would be helpful to remember: worry is a misuse of the imagination. On the one hand, if there is no afterlife, then it won’t matter to you, because there would be no you to complain. On the other hand, if there is an afterlife, then you would look back with regret at all the time you wasted worrying, when you could have been enjoying this short life, and all the interesting opportunities it affords.

  17. Bob OHearn says:

    Nanci Danison

    “What is the purpose of the afterlife?”

    The word “afterlife” is a misnomer. Humans mistakenly believe their lives are the ultimate, the pinnacle of existence, the center of the universe, and the sole reason Source created us. Hence, humans have labeled everything that follows human death as the “after” life, as though eternal life is something different than “life.” It isn’t. Rather, human life is a transient, manifested phase of our eternal lives.

    We need to place what we call the afterlife into the context of our eternal lives as parts of Source. Eternal life has stages just as human life does. Humans have birth, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age. Similarly, eternal life’s stages include our creation in Source’s mind, the incarnation phase (the “afterlife”), the vicarious living through merger stage, and reawakening as Source.

    The afterlife both precedes and follows every incarnation, whether we inhabit a human animal or some other thing or creature in the universe. It is the phase of life between incarnations when we can rest, heal, recharge our batteries (so to speak), and integrate our adventures in physical life into the context of our whole lives. We transform back into our true spiritual nature–what NDErs call Light Beings–and enjoy unconditional love and bliss in this stage of life. This is the stage of eternal life that near-death experiencers visit because it’s the stage they left before this incarnation.

    Most people think of the afterlife as heaven or paradise. It is bliss, but it’s also a busy time in our lives. We remember who and what we really are and regain our eternal memories. We dissect and analyze what we learned about physical life and the physical matter universe. We process all the emotions we felt. We heal, center ourselves, and refresh our commitment to the incarnation phase of life. We work at selecting our next incarnation.

    When we have completed the goals we set for ourselves through physical living, or we simply no longer wish to reincarnate, we leave what humans call the afterlife and begin what I call the vicarious living phase of eternal life. During this phase we Light Beings literally merge our Energy and consciousness into that of one or more other Light Beings in order to experience what they have lived. This helps us get accustomed to life as a multiple personality entity so that we will be ready to awaken as Source when the time comes.

  18. Bob OHearn says:

    ” I remembered this place… deeply. It was HOME… No doubt about it. It was as if my earthly life had been a dream and this forest and river was my true home, and I just was waking up from a very long strange dream. And with that there was profound knowledge… things I instantly knew or remembered about life and its purpose… (I kept saying to myself “OH MY GOD! OF COURSE! ITS SO SIMPLE! HOW IN THE WORLD COULD I EVER HAVE FORGOTTEN??? THIS HAS ALWAYS BEEN HERE!) I knew how totally INNOCENT and deeply treasured and loved I really am/was. How beautiful I was. How important I was. Valuable. And as I looked at the events of my life I felt gratitude and deep love and appreciation for ALL OF IT…. the good and bad. It was all so totally astonishingly perfect. If you felt and saw what I did it would bring you to your knees with awe and weeping.”

  19. Bob OHearn says:

    ” I know this may be very hard to reconcile… But the truth is, everything is really okay. Animals and forests… everything goes back to a blissful happy healing source. Its all interconnected. And despite how it appears on earth, the cycle of life is ON PURPOSE. Should we try to do no harm? Yes, of course. But we also cant really blame those who do harm… and also those parts of ourselves and others that are ignorant. God doesn’t want us to run around, stressed out, angry or sorrowful all the time about injustice in the world. God encourages us to ACCEPT WHAT IS, and LOVE ALL OF IT. Very difficult to do, I understand. But even if we cant do this, that’s also totally understood, too. You see?

    When I came back from my NDE I loved everyone equally… but my love was far from “impersonal”. I loved everything. I could look at a scene that others would recoil from, or judge as “bad” and see deep beauty and perfection in it. And I feel that is the KEY to this whole thing. SEE BEAUTY. EVERYWHERE. In Everyone, and in every circumstance. Be PRESENT. Try to understand that its not just me, hundreds of other NDE’s say the same thing: EVERYTHING IS PERFECT… and the fact that it IS PERFECT always astonishes us. Because our perspective before the NDE was so bland and full of problems. Yet, that’s not the reality. That is a faulty perspective. You are welcome to choose the path that calls to you, for it does call to you for a reason. But imagine if you could stop judging ANYTHING as good or bad? What if you just were you, in the moment, much like you were at your happiest as a child? Just doing your thing. Its good and beautiful to feel compassion…. Yes yes yes. But if its turned from compassion to more negative gnawing feelings, it might be time to move to a new perspective. This stuff is very hard to talk about and convey… But yet it IS what I saw in my NDE. Everything’s really okay, and its going to continue to be okay. And there is nothing wrong with imagining the outcome you want to see, rather than the tragedy you are afraid will come to pass. Our thoughts do have power. Focus and beautiful outcomes. Let this sink in: NOTHING CAN EVER TRULY BE HARMED.

    A natural side effect of deeply accepting WHAT IS…. Is Presence and LOVE which in turn causes you as a person to be peaceful and to do less harm, and the people around you also are deeply touched by your presence… You end up influencing the world by bringing PEACE to yourself. There is no “other”. So bring peace to yourself… You bring peace to the entire world. There really is no other method that will work. It is truly up to each of us, and only us. We don’t get to force others to be better. What they are doing is really, in many many ways, none of our business. Our business is looking within and becoming more present. All the rest, the love, the compassion, the cessation of fear, comes as a natural side effect of presence. That’s how a planetary consciousness is raised.”

  20. Bob OHearn says:

    ” At 4:15 PM on December 22, 1986, I felt as though I was dying, really dying. I lay down and soon was flooded by the most intensely bright white light filled with the most awesome Power and Love in the universe. In the light I heard the thunderous fluttering winds and the most beautiful sounds of angels voices singing louder than the thunderous winds. My body was becoming paralyzed with the power of the Light. The Love was overwhelming to me. I was terrified of losing control over my bodily functions– desire to be in control, desire itself, movement, thought, everything human was dying in this light.

    When it swallowed me whole, an explosion of Ecstasy and Love started from my belly and expanded into the light itself. Soon, I became the Light and became Innocence, Love, Ecstasy, Peace, Power and Beauty and Wisdom of the Light. Like a mother carrying a child in her arms, the light carried me upwards and at tremendous speed. The Light itself spoke to me and I knew it was God, the Power that created the whole universe. The Light told me this first clear light heaven I was in (which was a million times brighter than any love I ever felt on earth), was filled with countless paradise planets. I looked down at my body and it was made of white light but still had a luminous human form.”

  21. Bob OHearn says:

    ” The being of light showed me that all that was really important in life was the love we felt, the loving acts we preformed, the loving words we spoke, the loving thoughts we held. All that was made, said, done, or even thought without love was undone. It didn’t matter. It simply did no longer exist. Love was all that was really important, only love was real. Everything we did lovingly was as is was supposed to be. It was okay. It was good. And the love we’d felt during our lives was all that was left when everything else, everything perishable in life, had vanished.”

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