Memory Lane


The hindrance is only one:

attachment to the past.

~ Papaji

If we pause to consider our “life story”, isn’t it somewhat like remembering a dream? We might wonder: did it even happen to us? In the shadow play of memory, attention hitches a ride on the “Way-back machine” of imagination and projects a self that never was, creating the illusion of time and personal continuity. Even the one who remembers is none other than the memory itself. Memory remembers, untouched by any actual someone who dreams that they possess it. Nevertheless, the memory of past disappointments, unfulfilled desires, and stubborn grudges traps energy, helping to create the sense of a person, and with that story comes the whole drama of “me and mine” that contributes to the chronic and pervasive sense of unhappiness which characterizes the average human resident of this realm.

Random, arbitrary, transitory, delightful, terrible, beautiful, horrifying, mysteriously charming or vaguely blurred non-binding modifications of consciousness — nobody is implicated, blamed, validated, honored, or confirmed by memory except the fictional character we may yet take ourselves to be. In reality, that character is a fabrication of emptiness. Memory is merely emptiness shrunk down, condensed, packaged and framed into a flickering picture, and all for the benefit of a passing fantasy chasing a mirage, already decaying before our eyes.

Garbed in an endless array of neural costumery, memory is an organizing principle for consciousness to reflect a sense of enduring individuation in its path towards self-awareness. All of our self-concepts are memory-based data retrieval programs fabricated by consciousness to support and maintain a streaming scheme of personal continuity in the face of incomprehensible chaos (the unknown source of itself), and so navigate the dependently originating objective world as if it were permanent, substantial, and real.

Memory requires a frame of reference. However, without resort to memory, what reference is there to frame? Without resort to memory, the whole story is snatched away, leaving us with “what is” – all that we have been running from into the schemes of escape and avoidance, or strategies of craving and clinging, that comprise our everyday experience of consciousness, along with its attendant boredom, doubt, stress, and dissatisfaction.

There is an aspect of our minds that functions like a storehouse in which the habitual tendencies and karmic imprints of past actions caused by our reactive emotions are all stored like seeds. When the right conditions arise, they germinate and manifest as circumstances and situations in our lives. If we have a habit of thinking in a particular pattern, positive or negative, then these tendencies will be triggered and provoked very easily, and recur and go on recurring.

With constant repetition our inclinations and habits become steadily more entrenched and reified, increasing and gathering power, even when we sleep. This is how they come to determine our life, our death, and our rebirth. It is also why our sufferings feel so real and personal, and why they end up ruling our lives if we are mindless and unaware of their power to negatively influence our life choices.

The karmic imprints or impulses, when activated, serve to create the illusion of a solid and enduring self, which exists just on edge of the storehouse consciousness where the karmic impressions reside. However, should we pause and inquire into the reality of this self-assumption, we might discover that our personal story has no inherent substance.

In other words, our most persistent sense of self is a creative though empty fiction, a projection of mind conditioned by prior dramas that were never resolved. Essentially, there are lingering desires seeking extinction, which we in our ignorance mistake as our actual identity.

As Sri Nisargadatta notes: “The person is a very small thing. Actually it is a composite, it cannot be said to exist by itself. Unperceived, it is just not there. It is but the shadow of the mind, the sum total of memories. Pure being is reflected in the mirror of the mind, as knowing. What is known takes the shape of a person, based on memory and habit. It is but a shadow, or a projection of the knower onto the screen of the mind.”

By first detaching from our chronic state of fixated identification with the body-mind-self, and shifting the emphasis of attention from the superficial and transient personal story to that of the silent ever-present witness, we can observe the arising of the impulse/thought energy to follow our habitual karmic tendencies, and so choose to no longer be an unconscious victim, at the mercy of uninspected forces. Such conscious recognition of the actual nature of our own thoughts and emotions allows one the internal freedom to choose a skillful response to life’s tests anytime we are present and mindfully aware. Ultimately, even the witness must go, since it is still a figment of duality’s illusion, but that’s skipping far ahead for most of us.

In any case, we are not living in the past, and so cannot become mindfully aware in the past. We can only become aware in the moment when the tendencies are arising, and it is only in this moment when we actually have the power to choose to indulge negative habit energies, or refrain from doing so. By our choice in the moment then, we determine our future. What we are currently is the result of our past choices, and if we want to see how we will be in the future, we need only observe the choices we are making in the moment now.

By seeing through and freeing ourselves from any fixated identity based on the bonds of memory, we can let go of the weight of clinging to the past and its obsolete programs. Why lug around that heavy baggage? If we stop to sincerely inquire of ourselves, we might find that we actually don’t need to keep doing that at all, and in fact it is a great relief to just let it all go.


By clearing our internal browser’s cache, so to speak, we are free once again to greet every moment as a blank canvas, fresh and ready for the full presence of what is real and true — right here, right now. Whatever that might be, we will no longer need to characterize or categorize it based on old memory filters and associations. In that way, we can become once more like little children, unbound from the stagnant accumulation of conditioned fantasies of interpretation on history that typically constitute our self-sense.

In the perception of a child, each moment is ever-new. Indeed, whether or not we are attaching memory-based associations to its appearance, or projecting future-based expectations and desires onto it, the same is true for us, regardless of our chronological age. In this regard, the only thing that actually remains constant in this life experience is the fact that it is always this moment. One fact remains unassailable, as our whole life unfolds within this moment: it’s always Now!

Nevertheless, when most people hear slogans like “Be here now”, they think that “the present” is only appearing for a short time — a moment — and so needs to be grasped onto, in order to avoid “missing it”. However, whatever happens to appear in the present moment is perhaps more accurately recognized as simply the manifestation of the present moment, a transient and non-binding expression or modification of Now, which can never be grasped or solidified.

Moreover, some believe that there is some special space called “the moment” that we can get in, as if it was a swimming pool. We are exhorted to “live in the moment”. However, there is actually no moment separate from ourselves — we are the moment, we cannot get into it, any more than a wave can get into the ocean.

As the brilliant mystic Meister Eckhart wrote: “There exists only the present instant, a Now which always and without end is itself new. There is no yesterday nor any tomorrow, but only Now, as it was a thousand years ago and as it will be a thousand years hence.”

Something arises in the space of Now momentarily and then disappears. Then something else appears and vanishes. What remains is a fundamental ground of Stillness – an open and transparent sky-like vastness — out of which everything seems to emerge and into which everything seems to dissolve. This “Stillness” is another name for our own pure Awareness, and as our vision clarifies even more, we realize that nothing is happening — no arising, no vanishing. There is no separation between awareness, stillness, and experience. It is all one seamless fabric of ungraspable mystery — empty and marvelous!

To verify this, we can inquire of ourselves: “What does it feel like to be what I truly am – to set aside the fleeting sensations of embodiment, to set aside the narrative of my personal history, to let go of all compulsive thinking and emotional reactivity, to surrender all memory associations, all hopeful or fearful speculative projections – what remains that is true, and what does that really feel like?”

What we can notice, when we turn attention back on itself, is a clear knowing space in which thought is appearing, our sense of self is arising, and all the phenomena of existence are busy forming into an apparent objective world. If we were able to then detach from all our habitual projections and conceptual fabrications, relaxing and resting instead as that simple knowing space, releasing the whole bundle of conditional identifications, then we would spontaneously appreciate ourselves as the radiant presence of Now — this brilliant and pristine awake Awareness – always present, always effulgent, ever-free of any limit or qualification, and far beyond the story of the separate and independent body-mind-self that we have habitually taken ourselves to be.

Consequently, when we realize what Now really is – this fundamental ground of our own Awareness in which everything inheres and has its being – then we can naturally resume the condition of our own primordial peace and innocence, without the need to manipulate outcomes or create some reason to be apprehensive about the appearance or disappearance of any circumstance, event, or person. In such realization, as Nisargadatta noted, “there is nothing to hold on to and nothing to forget. Everything is known, nothing is remembered.”

Moreover, to be truly present in the “here and now” does not mean that we never thoughtfully consider and learn from the past, nor does it mean that we need not plan responsibly for the future. As Thich Nhat Hanh notes: “The idea is simply not to allow yourself to get lost in regrets about the past or worries about the future. If you are firmly grounded in the present moment, the past can be an object of inquiry, the object of your mindfulness and concentration. You can attain many insights by looking into the past, but you are still grounded in the present moment.”

The only challenge about all of this comes when we begin to complicate — when we cling to and fixate on a time-bound identity. In that case, the three times of past, present, and future all become variations on a prison — a conceptual prison of our own design. In reality, we are timeless awareness, shining as the radiance of Source Itself, illuminating this all-inclusive moment Now with the divine light of open spacious Presence.

Those who see with their intelligence
That existence is like a mirage and an illusion
Are not corrupted by believing in
The extremes of before or after.


in the moment

About Bob OHearn

My name is Bob O'Hearn, and I live with my Beloved Mate, Mazie, in the foothills of the Northern California Sierra Nevada Mountains. I have a number of blog sites you may enjoy: Photo Gallery: Essays on the Conscious Process: Compiled Poetry and Prosetry: Verses and ramblings on life as it is: Verses and Variations on the Investigation of Mind Nature: Verses on the Play of Consciousness: Poetic Fiction, Fable, Fantabulation: Poems of the Mountain Hermit: Love Poems from The Book of Yes: Autobiographical Fragments, Memories, Stories, and Tall Tales: Ancient and modern spiritual texts, creatively refreshed: Writings from selected Western Mystics, Classic and Modern: Wisdom of a Spirit Guide: Thank You!
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30 Responses to Memory Lane

  1. marcel says:

    Last weeks I’ve been “obsessed” with the inquiry that in deep sleep all stored knowledges, experiences, attainments and everything ever to be understood, gotten or lost again are just toys for the waking state only. So every morning I just sit up and remain in bed for a hour, where is this character prior to its appearance?

    Dark womb of Nothingness.

    Today, these words, this house, these cats, I feel at home.
    Ten years ago, that town, that girl, I felt at home
    Twenty years ago, that house, those parents, I felt at home.
    Before I was born, I was at home everywhere, for that house, I am.

  2. marcel says:

    Well, can’t seperate sunlight from the Sun 😀

  3. marcel says:

    Thank you Brother, a little tear of intuition, but not graspable, yet so peaceful.

    • Bob OHearn says:

      I have wandered deep and far
      in the dreamy landscape of myself,
      swept out into an ocean of forgetfulness,
      drowned to peace in that sea of mystery,
      rocked in the bosom of vast emptiness,
      and yet here I am with you, washed ashore
      on the waves of your gracious indulgence,
      singing my little songs of remembrance.

      Perhaps at night one of these tiny tunes
      may insinuate itself into some neglected pocket
      of your longing, and you will gently awaken
      with a single tear streaming from your eye.

      In that tear is contained everything
      I have come here for, everything I am.

      That tear is a kind gift from you to yourself –
      the same self we share in this dream of each other,
      spun from our womb of deep intimacy.

  4. Gudrun says:

    Silent friend of many distances, feel
    how your breath enlarges all of space.
    Let your presence ring out like a bell
    into the night. What feeds upon your face

    grows mighty from the nourishment thus offered.
    Move through transformation, out and in.
    What is the deepest loss that you have suffered?
    If drinking is bitter, change yourself to wine.

    In this immeasurable darkness, be the power
    that rounds your senses in their magic ring,
    the sense of their mysterious encounter.

    And if the earthly no longer knows your name,
    whisper to the silent earth: I’m flowing.
    To the flashing water say: I am.

    Thanks for visiting, Bob. 🙂
    A wave and a wink from universal consciousness is what was needed.

  5. marcel says:

    Wonderful, thank you Brother!

  6. Candace says:

    Dear Brother,

    This is so true! I’m grateful for your posts! This part in particular resonates so much >> “All of our self-concepts are memory-based data retrieval programs fabricated by consciousness to support and maintain a streaming scheme of personal continuity in the face of incomprehensible chaos (the unknown source of itself), and so navigate the dependently originating objective world as if it were permanent, substantial, and real.”

    Love & Blessings!

    • Bob OHearn says:

      Ah, well — it seems like a mouthful, but I’m glad you got the gist, Sister! Thank you so much for your thoughtful appreciation!


      • Candace says:

        Your words have a very similar effect that Sri Nisargadatta’s do; they hit straight to my core. All illusions are immediately dissolved when I read your words. Being present and not getting caught in the mindtraps is what requires more diligence 😉

      • Bob OHearn says:

        My Mate is my teacher. She is always reminding me: “Vigilance!”

        It’s wonderful that in this life we have so many opportunities for recognition! I’m sure you’ve noticed too that paying attention makes life infinitely more interesting and enjoyable.

        For your encouragement I am most grateful, Sister!


      • Candace says:

        Haha, I can totally relate! I’m so grateful for my significant other.

        You are a blessing to us all, Brother!

        Love & Blessings!

  7. Bob OHearn says:

    “Memory creates the illusion of continuity. In reality each experience has its own experiencer and the sense of identity is due to the common factor at the root of all experiencer-experience relations. Identity and continuity are not the same. Just as each flower has its own colour, but all colours are caused by the same light, so do many experiences appear in the undivided and indivisible awareness, each separate in memory, identical in essence. This essence is the root, the foundation, the timeless and spaceless ‘possibility’ of all experience.”

    ~Sri Nisargadatta

  8. Bob OHearn says:

    Q: How does it happen that each man creates his own world?

    M: When a number of people are asleep, each dreams his own dream. Only on awakening the question of many different dreams arises and dissolves when they are all seen as dreams, as something imagined.

    Q: Even dreams have a foundation.

    M: In memory. Even then, what is remembered, is but another dream. The memory of the false cannot but give rise to the false. There is nothing wrong with memory as such. What is false is its content.

    ~I Am That, Sri Nisargadatta

  9. Bob OHearn says:

    Q: Out of what do I create this world?

    Nisargadatta Maharaj: Out of your own memories. As long as you are ignorant of yourself as the creator, your world is limited and repetitive. Once you go beyond your self-identification with your past, you are free to create a new world of harmony and beauty. Or you just remain — beyond being and non-being.

    Q: What will remain with me if I let go my memories?

    M: Nothing will remain.

    Q: I am afraid.

    M: You will be afraid until you experience freedom and its blessings. Of course, some memories are needed to identify and guide the body and such memories do remain, but there is no attachment left to the body as such; it is no longer the ground for desire or fear. All this is not very difficult to understand and practice, but you must be interested. Without interest nothing can be done.

    Having seen that you are a bundle of memories held together by attachment, step out and look from the outside. You may perceive for the first time something which is not memory. You cease to be a Mr-so-and-so, busy about his own affairs. You are at last at peace. You realise that nothing was ever wrong with the world — you alone were wrong and now it is all over. Never again will you be caught in the meshes of desire born of ignorance.

    ~From “I Am That”

  10. Bob OHearn says:

    “Look, sirs, you see a lovely sunset, a beautiful tree in a field, and when you first look at it, you enjoy it completely, wholly; but you go back to it with the desire to enjoy it again. What happens when you go back with the desire to enjoy it? There is no enjoyment, because it is the memory of yesterday’s sunset that is now making you return, that is pushing, urging you to enjoy. Yesterday there was no memory, only a spontaneous appreciation, a direct response; but today you are desirous of recapturing the experience of yesterday. That is, memory is intervening between you and the sunset; therefore, there is no enjoyment, no richness, fullness of beauty.

    Again, you have a friend who said something to you yesterday, an insult or a compliment, and you retain that memory; and with that memory you meet your friend today. You do not really meet your friend—you carry with you the memory of yesterday, which intervenes; and so we go on, surrounding ourselves and our actions with memory, and therefore there is no newnesss, no freshness. That is why memory makes life weary, dull, and empty.”

    ~J.K. Rowling

  11. Bob OHearn says:

    “It is all due to your complete misunderstanding of reality. Your mind is steeped in the habits of evaluation and acquisition and will not admit that the incomparable and unobtainable are waiting timelessly within your own heart for recognition. All you have to do is to abandon all memories and expectations. Just keep yourself ready in utter nakedness and nothingness.”

    ~Nisargadatta Maharaj

  12. Bob OHearn says:

    “If people tried to convince you that the shapes in a cloud are a stable world, with beings and things, you would say it isn’t true, because those shapes are obviously fleeting. There is no form there. It only appears to be there. I’m pointing out that it’s the same with all of existence.”

    –Darryl Bailey

    “Impermanence (the relative) is total, complete, thoroughgoing, Absolute. It’s not that the universe is made up of innumerable objects in flux. There’s only flux. Nothing is (or can be) riding along in the flux, like a cork in a stream; nothing actually arises or passes away. There’s only stream.”

    –Steve Hagen

    There is a split-second time-delay in perception, so that everything we see and hear is already gone by the time we perceive it, just like the stars from billions of years ago that we see in the night sky. The actual NOW is too close, too intimate, too immediate to be perceived or conceived. We ARE this NOW.

    The living reality Here / Now is seamless, boundless, unbound, and truly inconceivable. We didn’t create it and we don’t control it. We have words and stories that describe and explain this inconceivable happening, and these words and stories arise unbidden from the same dark source (the same NOW) from which our breathing and our heart beat also arise. With these words, we call what we see “good” or “evil,” “loneliness” or “solitude,” “extroversion” or “introversion,” “health” or “disease,” “natural” or “unnatural,” “me” or “you,” “success” or “failure.” These words and the stories that go with them are as uncontrollable as the waves in the ocean—there is no author doing any of it.

    These words and stories serve us in this relative dream—they are part of this infinite expression and how it functions. But it’s all a kind of dream-like play, like clouds in the sky or water waving. Our suffering is in believing that we really are a separate entity with control over our next thought, our next impulse, our next mood, our next emotion, our next preference, our next decision and our next action—a separate encapsulated entity born into a world that has an inherent, objective, observer-independent reality “out there” somewhere apart from us. This is the illusion. In reality, no-thing actually arises or passes away.

    Seeing this will not eliminate this presently arising magnificent display of cars and flowers and highways and human beings, nor will it eliminate pain or difficult circumstances, nor will it end the apparent need to decide what shirt to put on today. It will not end heartbreak and grief and the whole range of human emotion. But it will put an end (here and now) to the suffering that comes from trying to grasp the clouds and set up our tent in a map.

    ~Joan Tollifson

  13. Bob OHearn says:

    Unraveling the Threads of Trauma

    “Unraveling the threads of trauma is really a matter of understanding why you behave in the way that you do. Why you have the thoughts that you do and why you react a certain way to situations and events around you. Why you have the attitude that you have and why you have chosen the path that you are on delivers illumination into the processes of past trauma.

    Despite what some may say, there is a real definitive reason you do something. Every little thing that you do in your life you do as a result of a taught behaviour created from learnt belief systems and memorised reactions. If I do this – this will happen; if I don’t do this – this won’t happen. If this happens – I will feel this way. If I feel this way – others will think this of me. If others think this of me – I will feel this way and this will happen – and this will not. These are the belief systems you teach yourself from past responses and behaviours to previous events and play a large part to the trauma that afflicts many. The way that you feel within different circumstances are so too a learnt mechanism of response from memory. What many people do is they re-enact and invoke negative feelings they have learnt to associate with specific things which once were remembered as a bad experience. Even though they are having a completely new experience they are acting out a learnt process of responses and reactions from memory, from values and interpretations already existing in their mind. In this, human beings can become very predictable in their behaviour just by accessing their past activity. There is a great vulnerability in this, in that there are those who identify this as an opportunity to exploit you. When you leave yourself open to be exploited in this way you invite further trauma to occur in your life.

    There are many individuals who follow a path that does not effectively serve them for their highest good, health or happiness. They may develop bad habits and impulses, crave things which create imbalances for them. They may choose a path based on previous fears or misplaced anger or distrust. They may develop self harming behaviours or behaviours harmful to others. They may hold themselves back from who they wish to be, what they wish to do due to past events which continue to impact the present. The truth of the matter is every past event continues to exist in the present moment, regardless if you choose to be ignorant of it, deny and avoid it, or simply choose to forget it. It is how something is remembered, how something is accepted, which determines its present influence on you here and now. The key to resolving your present trauma, or present behaviour, is actually to resolve your past memory; how you have chosen to remember something. Remember it is your memory that determines your present responses, attitudes and belief systems. It is therefore your memory which determines your state of being. It is your memory thusly that you take with you to the spirit world which then goes on to dictate your experience of transition.

    So what you will want to do is identify aspects of your present choices, your present behaviours, your current path, and reflect upon why you are doing it. Identify the values you are using to make your decisions; are they in line with your core central values? Identify previous experience that has caused you to develop your current default behaviour in specific circumstances. If you have remembered something as a traumatic experience, a fearful or negative one, then you need to reconsider how you choose to remember that event. If you do not, that event will persist to impact your present life in a negative way regardless if you ignore or avoid it. Despite what some may say, simply opting to forget traumatic experience altogether as part of a healing process will actually only create future complications due to repression or re-associative remembrance. As part of any healing process trauma must be addressed via means of acceptance through knowledge, wisdom, compassion, forgiveness, understanding and truth. The trauma must not impose upon the true value of the individual, and as part of the healing process, this sense and understanding of their true value must at all cost be reassured and replaced. The matter of self-value is the core cause of all present behaviour and all paths which individuals take, and it is this which must be addressed and re-membered differently for change and healing to occur.”


  14. Bob OHearn says:

    “’Now’ is not only a cognitive illusion but also a mathematical trick, related to how we define space and time quantitatively. One way of seeing this is to recognize that the notion of “present,” as sandwiched between past and future, is simply a useful hoax. After all, if the present is a moment in time without duration, it can’t exist. What does exist is the recent memory of the immediate past and the expectation of the near future. We link past and future through the conceptual notion of a present, of “now.” But all that we have is the accumulated memory of the past—stored in biological or various recording devices—and the expectation of the future.”

  15. Bob OHearn says:

    “Do not pursue the past.
    Do not lose yourself in the future.
    The past no longer exists.
    The future has not yet come.
    Looking deeply at life as it is.
    In the very here and now,
    the practitioner dwells
    in stability and freedom.
    We must be diligent today.
    To wait until tomorrow is too late.
    Death comes unexpectedly.
    How can we bargain with it?
    The sage calls a person who knows
    how to dwell in mindfulness
    night and day
    ‘one who knows the better way to live alone.’”

    – Bhaddekaratta Sutta

  16. Bob OHearn says:

    What Is Memory & Does It Exist In The Brain Or The Soul?
    by Sparrow

    My perspective on memory is that this takes place on many levels, so to speak.

    The human brain processes memory, but so too does every living cell in your biology. Your auric energy field also processes memory. Memory is simply information which is processed in a multitude of formats and reconfigured to a specific vibration.

    When you access memory, you are making a connection with the vibrational frequency that specific information has been reconfigured to. Though due to how the biochemical structure of the brain and body works, you will only recollect via your brain information you are attuned to.

    So, for example, you will likely not recollect your etheric state prior to physical inception. This is because your brain is not configured to the frequency such information resides.

    Memory is also processed in the soul. After all your soul state is a memory frequency of that which you have created in physicality. This is why upon your passing you will still take on the form of the human being you just were, for it is a cellular memory transference.

    Your ancient infinite spirit holds all that vast beautiful knowledge of who you are and everything you have ever done.

    But your spirit does not actually, in a sense, leave the spirit world when you are conceived as a child. It remains in its pure state and connects to you via an etheric cord to your solar plexus.

    This cord is attached to the physical biology the moment the first two cells emerge to form life.

    It is through here your personality is inserted into living tissue. As you grow older and leave the womb of your mother, and as you are taught how to be human, your attention to, and connection to your spirit via your etheric cord is forgotten and overruled by the functionality of ego and survival instincts.

    Human beings forget how to connect with all of this beautiful knowledge they have within their spirit because they try too hard to be human, and neglect those aspects of themselves which are not.

    It is only when your physical body perishes and your consciousness is transferred back through your etheric cord do you have greater access to this vast broader identity of who you are. Yet this is not immediate either, for the consciousness carried with you places you within a specific frequency.

    As I have stated, memory exists within different frequencies.

    For your soul to remember who it is in its infinite state, it needs to realign its consciousness to the frequencies its memory exists within. As your soul resonates itself to other frequencies, not only does your awareness of who you really are become apparent, but what was before invisible to you, suddenly become visible and accessible.

  17. Bob OHearn says:

    “What problems can there be which the mind did not create? Life and death do not create problems; pains and pleasures come and go, experienced and forgotten. It is memory and anticipation that create problems of attainment or avoidance, coloured by like and dislike. Truth and love are man’s real nature and mind and heart are the means of its expression.”

    ~Nisargadatta Maharaj

  18. Bob OHearn says:

    Trying to be in the Now by entering the present moment is also like sitting at the edge of a river, looking at the water flowing over one rock. As soon as you focus on one moment in the flow of water, that portion of water has already moved downstream. We cannot enter present moments because they move too fast and change continuously. Contemporary Tibetan Buddhist teacher Mingyur Rinpoche says, “If you examine even the present moment carefully, you find that it also is made up of earlier and later moments. In the end, if you keep examining the present moment, you find that there is no present moment that exists either.”

  19. Bob OHearn says:

    “Everyone colors events after his fashion, brews up his own mélange of reminiscences. Therefore getting through to the past itself, the past as it really was, is impossible. What are available to us are only its various versions, more or less credible, one or another of them suiting us better at any given time. The past does not exist. There are only infinite renderings of it.”

    ~ Ryszard Kapuściński, Travels with Herodotus

  20. Bob OHearn says:

    “I am not quite sure whether I am dreaming or remembering, whether I have lived my life or dreamed it. Just as dreams do, memory makes me profoundly aware of the unreality, the evanescence of the world, a fleeting image in the moving water”

    ~ Eugene Ionesco

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