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Projection of Mind

Over time, people have various extra-ordinary experiences which they in turn may believe reveal universal truths. Subsequently, many go on to become gurus, teachers, prophets, cult leaders, and book hawkers. Most religious movements, for example, have been founded on some … Continue reading

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All Is Well

When we consider the nature of our own apparently fragile existence, as well as that of the world and all of its varied phenomena, many questions tend to arise, so let’s take a brief moment and see if we can … Continue reading

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Self and Other

The great Buddhist master Shantideva, in his famous guide to cultivating the mind of enlightenment, which is translated as “The Way of the Bodhisattva”, wrote: “Whoever wishes quickly to become a refuge for himself and others should undertake this sacred … Continue reading

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Oneness and Individuality

Consciousness may express and experience itself through the sense of individuality and apparent separation just as much as it might through the majestic sense of oneness — it is clinging to or seeking one and avoiding the other which creates … Continue reading

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The Shadow

“Malevolence exists because free will exists, and all things are permitted to exist and coexist. Life cannot know itself as one thing without knowing that which it is not. You would not know you were a loving being unless your … Continue reading

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The Fundamental Space

“You can’t get stuck in space.” ~ Chögyam Trungpa Whatever appears does so within the space of fundamental reality – “what is”. In our natural state of knowing awareness, “what is” and “what we are”, are not two. Likewise, in … Continue reading

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